Back to the Past

It's been awhile, and I miss all the friends I had made before my return to my own time, but I've done a lot here and I wouldn't trade my experiences here for anything.

Indie LOSHAU RP Blog for Superman
(He is 20, but calls himself 19 in his own time, )
(This rp is based off of season 1)


Superman cuts Braniac down to size.

Adventures of Superman #12 (digital)


The Man of Steel by Allison Sohn


Superman - Max Fleischer (1941 - 1942)

{ ;;-Do N O T  } mistake my kindness

                                   for w e a k n e s s  }


Superman For All Seasons - TIM SALE


Jazz! Lookie~! I found this in my private posts…I got a lil ounce of happiness seeing one of my pics got saved from the house  fire. Idk why I didnt post it to be honest. But I’m going to now. <3


Superman: The Animated Series (1996-2000)

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